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An Introduction to Mental Development

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The teachings of the Buddha contain clear and plain instructions for a mental development whose goal is the recognition of reality as it is. Of course reality is obvious and nothing is hidden, but an untrained mind will wander aimlessly and get caught up in all kinds of cravings, aversions, and imaginations. When reality and imagination collide, the result is suffering. Buddhist mental development trains the mind in such a way that reality can be perceived and accepted again.

This book introduces the reader to the basics of Buddhism with emphasis on fundamental concepts, Pāli terminology, and meditation practice. Mental development in Buddhist practice is based on experiential knowledge, which can only be gained in meditation. This book provides enough background and instructions for beginning meditation practice and guiding the practitioner until practice matures.

The text is a technical manual rather than an inspirational book. It is intended for people who have decided to walk the path of the dhamma and merely look for instructions. It may also be interesting to people who just want to acquire a quick overview over Buddhist practice. See the glossary for a list of terms that appear in the book.

Lulu Press, 2021
pocket format, 123 pages
ISBN 978-1-716-21158-4 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-716-21157-7 (e-book)

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