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The Noble Eightfold Path (magga, more precisely atthaṅgika-ariya-magga) is a short but complete summary of the teachings of the Buddha. For an even shorter summary, see the Four Noble Truths.

(This page is not complete; for now see An Introduction to Mental Development or similar literature for details.)

(III) Wisdom (Paññā)

(1) Right View (sammā diṭṭhi)

(2) Right Thought (sammā saṅkappa)

(I) Correct Behavior (Sīla)

(3) Right Speech (sammā vācā)

(4) Right Action (sammā kammanta)

(5) Right Livelihood (sammā ājīva)

(II) Concentration (Samādhi)

(6) Right Effort (sammā vājāma)

(7) Right Mindfulness (sammā sati)

(8) Right Concentration (sammā samādhi)

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