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No offense intended!

This website describes, and therefore also propagates, principles like nonviolence and compassion as well as practices such as meditation and introspection, and claims that these form a sane and reasonable basis for living a contented life. If you agree with this, this is no need to read the rest of this page.

Maybe you disagree

This is alright. Opinions differ, and yours may differ – even substantially – from that expressed on this site. If your opinion is different, please do not feel offended! Rest assured that nobody will be persuaded of the opinions expressed here just by reading these texts. This site is no danger to the knowledge and beliefs you value. It is just another point of view.

I am sure that you have good arguments for your point of view, and I may have good arguments for mine. If there is little common ground between our points of view, though, it will make little sense to exchange these arguments. Please keep this in mind before replying.

If you do reply and get no reply in turn, it is most likely because I lack the resources, and not because I do not respect your point of view.

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