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Meditation FAQ

Frequently (and some not-so-frequently) asked questions about meditation. If your question is not answered here, feel free to submit it, and an answer may appear at some point.

Part 0: Preamble

Use at your own risk

Part 1: General Questions

What is meditation?
Is meditation a religious practice?
Why should I meditate?
How do I meditate?
What do I need for meditation?
Do I need a meditation teacher (guru)?
Why should I choose the breath for a single point?
What about guided meditation?
What about relaxing music or sounds?
What about timers, EEG gadgets, biofeedback devices, etc?
How can I meditate in a noisy environment?

Part 2: Posture

What is the Lotus posture?
Do I have to learn the Lotus posture?
Where do I place my hands?
Should I use mudras (ritual gestures)?

Part 3: Beginning Meditation

How long should I meditate?
How can I tell if I am really meditating?
How do I stop mind from wandering?
Should I label things that come up?
How do I deal with physical pain?
How do I overcome dullness or sleepiness?
How do I overcome agitation?

Part 4: Progress

How long should I meditate?
Are there any "stages" in meditation practice?
How do I know "how far" I am?
What do spiritual/weird experiences in meditation mean?

Part 5: Related Questions

Should I simplify my life?

Part 6: Literature

A list of meditation books

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