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On a personal note

In case you want some background: I studied computer science and peace and conflict studies (PACS) and also a little bit of sociology and Indian religions, but never earned any degree. Then I worked as a programmer, a specialist translator, a consultant, and an independent writer. I have mostly worked part-time, have often been poor, and never thought much of material wealth.

I started (serious) meditation practice some 15 years ago and have been living by the five and then the eight precepts for more than 10 years (and still do). By "serious meditation practice" I mean multiple hours of bhāvanā per day. People sometimes ask me about the dhamma and seem to be happy with my answers.

What I am missing most in life is a community that provides an environment of compassion and solidarity. Meditation groups solve the opposite problem, by living apart and practicing together. Monasteries are not pragmatic. I would not object to founding a new saṅgha. Currently two people are interested (including me), and we are in the Heidelberg area, Germany.

In case you want to contact me: I am fluent in English, German, and Swedish, but I prefer email in English. Don't let this stop you, though! In a pinch pick any of the above languages.

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